San Francisco Joins Santa Clara region in Banning happy meal toys

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San Francisco – In April, 2010, Santa Clara County, California, just south of San Francisco passed a historic regulations which bans toys from kids’ meals in quick food restaurants.

County supervisor Ken Yeager suggested this new law. He would like to limit restaurants from offering toys that motivate kids to eat fatty, sugary, high-calorie foods which may lead to youth obesity.

Before the regulations was passed I shared my viewpoint on this problem in the article,

Should toys be Banned from happy Meals?I comprehend the importance of ending youth obesity in this country. In truth that is why I started healthy Moms. however as a firm believer in little government, flexibility as well as liberty I believe that Santa Clara region is doing this all wrong.

Fast food restaurants have been offering toys in their kids’ meals for decades. I agree with Barragan that toys in kids’ meals are a fantastic tool for parents. I likewise utilize the toys to reward my youngsters for great behavior.

As parents it is our obligation to teach our kids about making healthy food choices. We don’t requirement “big brother” breathing down our necks as well as telling us what we can as well as can refrain from doing with our children. prominent quick food restaurants like McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr. as well as Burger King offer healthier options for kids. It is as much as us to choose what we enable our youngsters to eat as well as exactly how frequently they can have that food item.

It is alright to treat your kid to a quick food restaurants when or twice a month. parents that enable their youngsters to eat quick food on a regular or everyday basis are only contributing to the youth obesity problem.

The new York Times reported that this is the very first legislation of this kind. restaurants can provide away toys as long as the meals don’t contain extreme calories, sodium, sugar or fat. “This ordinance does not assault toys,” Mr. Yeager stated just before the board passed the legislation by a 3-2 vote. “Toys, in as well as of themselves, do not make kids obese.” now San Francisco region supervisor Eric Mar wants a similar legislation for his county. Mar requested the city attorney draft regulations that would outlaw “fast food restaurants from including toys with meals marketed at kids that are high calorie, high sugar as well as high in fat.”

Mar stated that it “follows together with efforts in Spain, in England as well as in Santa Clara region to truly protect kids as well as neighborhoods from quick food.”

The effort is meant to try as well as reduce youth obesity. “We will protect our neighborhoods from quick food business that are costs $1.6 billion advertising their wares to children,” Mar said.

Banning toys from kids’ meals will not assist prevent youth obesity. Ending this issue starts at home. parents requirement to be informed as well as much better informed on what to feed their children, exactly how frequently they can have treats from quick food restaurants as well as the importance of preserving an active lifestyle.

Most of us parents are wise sufficient to understand exactly how to make healthy food options for our children. This radical legislation only makes us seem ignorant as well as stupid, which we are definitely not.

If you online in San Francisco region I desire you to get in touch with Mr. Mar as well as tell him that you are requesting a no vote on the kids’ meal toy ban. below you shall discover his get in touch with information.

Eric Mar


*Please note this is an editorial as well as may not show the opinions of everybody on the healthy moms staff.Discuss this in our forum

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