HOW TO TAKE beautiful MILK bath pregnancy pictures

Today I’d like to share a bit bit about milk bath photography for pregnancy shoots. When I saw these milk bath pictures floating around Pinterest, I understood I had to try them! They are so feminine, lovely as well as maternal- the ideal embodiment of pregnancy, don’t you think? Taking milk bath pregnancy pictures are so easy, anybody can do them in the comfort of their own home!

Milk bath pregnancy photography Steps

1. select a bathtub

The larger the bathtub, the better. try to discover a bathtub that is near a huge window with great deals of natural light. prevent synthetic restroom light or severe illumination that casts unpleasant shadows on the objects.

2. select an attire for Your Milk bath photography Shoot

For my photos, the design is using a lace gown from here. You can utilize any type of gown or drapery you’d like.

3. gather 2-3 gallons of milk as well as flowers (about 2-4 bunches)

I believe you can do this with milk powder however I utilized 2 gallons of routine milk. as for flowers, you can be as innovative as well as vibrant as you’d like. try to play with structure as well as color. add some greenery as this improves the colors in the photo. In the end, this truly depends upon your personal style.

4. fill the tub with water, add milk, then have the design step in before adding the flowers

Fill the tub with warm water then add milk. You can pour bit each time to manage the color of the water. then have the design step into the water before laying out the flowers. This is one of the most essential things to keep in mind for your milk bath photography shoot since any type of motion will ruin your plan of the flowers.

5. style the flowers as well as shoot away!

The flowers may begin to sink so be timely with the shoot. It assists to have an assistant close-by to repair the flowers as needed. any type of motion has to be cautious as well as sluggish as any type of little motion can relocation the petals around.

C’est ça! The entire process from beginning to end took less than 30 minutes. Milk bath pictures are fairly easy as well as problem-free as well as anybody can take them in the comforts of their own home.

Just be sure to have whatever prepared to go since you don’t have as well much time to shoot before the flower petals begin sinking slowly.

Here are some pictures I got from this pregnancy shoot.

If you’d like much more photography suggestions you can discover it here and for much more pregnancy picture motivations you can see here.

What do you believe about milk bath photography? Aren’t these pregnancy pictures so easy yet pretty?

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